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    Trade customers who wish to get in contact with us can do so either by using
    the details below, or by getting in touch with their usual local sales
    representative. If you are not sure who you should be speaking to please
    call our Sales Office on the number below.

    Wera also enjoy staying in contact with our end users, so if you have a
    non-trade query or comment, please do get in touch, using the details
    supplied below. We can help you with product queries, stockist enquiries &
    comments, and can of course assist you in the unlikely event of a complaint.

    Telephone: 02 02 / 40 45 - 322

    Fax: 02 02 / 40 36 34
    Email: info@wera.de
    Web: www.wera.de

    Thank you.
    Your Wera team.